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In this article we bring details and tips about the Orlando Premium Outlets, the best places to shop in Orlando, FL. There are 2 main outlets in Orlando: 1 – Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets and 2 – Orlando International Premium Outlets. In this article we will explain about the two and which one we consider the best. Both are great! They offer high quality products and the best brands, with low prices, compared to the values ​​practiced in conventional stores. In this article we also bring tips on how to take advantage of discount coupons and how you can make your purchase safely (beware of bad guys in parking lots).

Orlando Premium Outlets - Complete Guide 2020

Generally, outlet stores sell products from past collections, so during the winter months you find summer products and vice versa, but the quality is the same and the prices infinitely lower.

Who does not like to renew the look with clothes of famous brands, accessories, shoes and perfumes of nice brands? In addition, Orlando premium outlets are veritable havens for technology, cosmetics and makeup from the best brands.

For the more economical, you can find cheap souvenirs, souvenirs from Orlando and Disney or just spend a fun day looking through shop windows and comparing prices.

Foreigners tourists find an extra convenience in the Orlando outlets, most stores the attendants speak Spanish and in some of them the service is done in Portuguese, so it is easier to clarify doubts and your shopping experience is better.

Visiting Orlando’s outlets is undoubtedly a tour that should be included in the travel itinerary, ensuring a very pleasant and fun day for the whole family.

Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets x Orlando International Premium Outlets: What is the best outlet in Orlando?

Outlet Premium Orlando is the best and most famous outlet in the city. They are huge and only lose in size for the Sawgrass Mills Outlet in Miami. We mentioned above that there are two Premium Outlets in Orlando, Vineland and International. Both are very complete and excellent. Hard to say which is the best. A choice factor could be the proximity to your hotel or lodging. However, our tip is: Buy both!

Orlando International Premium Outlets

If you have time try to visit the two premium outlets in Orlando. This is because, despite being quite complete, some stores (few) have units in one oultet and not in the other. In addition, it is possible to find different articles and products in each unit. The variety of products changes from store to store depending on stock replenishment.

Now, if you are out of time, our tip is to enter the website of the two outlets and check which one has the stores you are looking for. In the article “6 tips you need to know before shopping in Orlando” we explain how you should plan before leaving for Orlando’s outlets.

Some people prefer the Outlet Premium Vineland because it is a little less busy than the International Drive. The latter, being on one of the main avenues of the city, is usually more crowded.

The important thing is that you know that both Vineland Premium and International Drive Premium offer the main stores.

Vineland Outlet Premium Orlando
Vineland Outlet Premium Orlando – Image:

Top brands and stores at International Premium Outlets

Some of the brands and stores you will find at the Outlet Premium Orlando are: Adidas, Calvin Klein, Carter’s, Diesel, GAP, Hugo Boss, Kipling, Lacoste, L’occitane, Michael Kors, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Samsonite, Swarovski, Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria’s Secret and many other multi-brand cosmetics and perfume stores like The Cosmetics Company Store and Elizabeth Arden.

In the Outlets you can also find Disney stores, the famous Disney Store with products licensed by Disney, from toys to accessories and household items. Find out more about Disney stores at the Disney Store Store in Orlando: Where to Find It.

To facilitate your shopping at the two main Premium Outlets in Orlando, we created this post with the link for you to print outlets maps with stores.

Outlet Premium Orlando - Shopping in Orlando

Location & Opening Hours

Vineland Premium Outlet address: 8200 Vineland Avenue, Orlando.

International Premium Outlet address: 4951 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819

The Premium Orlando Outlets, both Vineland and Internatinal, operate daily from 10 am until 11 pm, so it is possible to alternate the trips to Disney parks with this unmissable shopping tour, if you have a few days in Orlando.

As the International Premium Outlets is huge, the ideal is to book a whole day to enjoy the tour and the offers in a better way.

At special times of the year the opening hours can be changed. Confirm the opening hours on the website of each outlet.

International Premium Outlets Restaurants

To make the tour of the International Premium Outlets pleasant, take a few breaks to enjoy the restaurants that offer quick meals, such as Subway, Starbucks, Panera Bread, Sundial Brazilian Café, others of Asian and Italian cuisine, the famous hamburger Five Guys , Haagen Dazs, Nestle Toolhouse, Ben Jerry’s ice cream parlors that are perfect for cooling off in the hot days.

How Outlet Discount Coupons Work

On the International Premium Outlets website, you can purchase discount coupons from stores and also what can be exchanged for the booklet in the Outlets’ customer service area.

It is recommended to use the coupons from the same store at once, since the coupons usually serve for larger amounts of the purchase, in addition to optimizing the tour, for example, if you are going to buy US $ 100 at the GAP store, ideal is to use coupons at once, so it is important to plan your purchases so that you buy everything you need at once in each store, so the discounts will be much greater!

For even lower prices, you can apply coupons from other family members or friends together, guaranteeing even better discounts for everyone.

Print your coupons to get more discounts at the International Premium Outlets:

Safety tips for shopping at Orlando Outlets

With so many valuable products, cars parked at Orlando Outlets are targeted for thefts, so avoid storing your bags in the car and still continue shopping.

The ideal is to take an empty wheeled suitcase, where it is possible to transport all purchases with great practicality and safety. Just keep the bags in the car when you leave.

Another suggestion is to rent a luggage room inside the International Premium Outlets to store your purchases safely, until the time of departure. Find out more about safety tips in the article: Shop safely in Orlando

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