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Golden Beach, an exclusive and luxurious community set between the ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway with less then a thousand residents, and a little more than 350 single-family homes and no high-rises or commercial businesses, has a history of attracting the rich and famous. The neighborhood also has long asserted domain over its “beautiful mile and one-eighth of private beach,” says its website.

Large signs with WARNING printed in red letters planted at both ends of the beach list rules for outsiders. Anyone wishing to traverse this beach must do so along the tide’s edge.

Bordering south with Golden Beach is another exclusive community: Sunny Isles Beach. The neighborhood is famous for its high-end high-rises such as Porsche Tower Miami. Bordering North with Golden Beach is Hallandale Beach. Both communities has welcoming signs on the public beaches that bookend Golden Beach. Residents from these neighborhoods complain that Golden Beach has used the coronavirus pandemic to reinforce its beach exclusivity.

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