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Flying cars and the conquest of urban airspace by drones may be a closer reality than we imagined. At the beginning of the month, a space vehicle prototype, the PAL_V (Personal Air Landing Vehicle), was presented in Miami as the first flying car in the world. The presentation took place at the exhibition “Miami 2020 and beyond”, at luxury condo Paramount Miami World Center.

Paramount Miami presents first flying-car in the world
Paramount Miami presents first flying-car in the world

The Paramount condominium was famous for its innovative Skyport project , where will offer residents air taxi service via drones. The roof of the building has already been designed to house a take-off and landing platform for the new models and will be inaugurated as soon as the activity is authorized by the American authorities. This is not far from happening. Uber’s Elevate project, in partnership with NASA, provides for the start of this type of transport for next 5 years.

The PAL-V prototype was already famous for being the first flying car in the world. The model, already in production, will cost around US $ 599 thousand. 70 models have already been reserved and sold.

Paramount Miami World Center

About Paramount Miami

The Paramount Miami condominium is located within one of the largest mixed-use complexes in the world: The Miami World Center, in the city center. The 60-story tower offers 1 to 3 bedroom apartments, starting at $ 750,000. It is the only tower with units for sale in the 27-acre complex. The amenities inside the condominium are the most complete and luxurious in the world, including a soccer field on the 9th floor of the building (throw a ball outdoors “in the sky”).

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