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Peanut Island is close to the mainland and can only be reached by boat. A 10-minute kayak ride from the coast allows you to reach this paradisiacal island in Palm Beaches, Florida (USA).

Peanut Island is well preserved, despite being next to the urban centers. You can see everything from lizards basking in the sun to families of free manatees around. The gentle giants, as they are called, reach over 3 meters and 450 kg. It is also an excellent spot for snorkeling, full of starfish on the shore, but you have to go in the morning, with the right tide.

Peanut Island in Palm Beach hides ex-president's secret bunker
Photo: Catraca Livre

Kennedy Bunker at Peanut Island

Nobody lives on the palm-lined island, which also has no restaurants or bars. But a construction in the middle of the woods, which today cannot be reached, draws the attention of visitors. A bunker, a nuclear bomb proof shelter, was created by President John F. Kennedy in 1961, during the Cold War era. Later, the site was opened as a museum for visitors, but closed again.

Kennedy Bunker
Foto: Catraca Livre

A lot of gossip circulates about this place. One involves actress Marilyn Monroe, who was the president’s lover.

Just like this fantastic island, Palm Beaches has other surprising tours, such as a sea turtle hospital, kayaking alongside huge alligators and diving, even for beginners, in the transparent sea. Find out more about the best beachs in Miami and nearby

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