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What do you do when there’s a countywide mandatory curfew and you can’t go out on the weekend? You throw your own party at home. In the age of social-distancing, this could mean going digital with a Zoom video call or, if you’re lucky enough to live in a high-rise, you party on the balcony. 

That’s been the case over the last two weekends in Brickell, Edgewater and the other Miami neighborhoods dotted with skyscrapers. It all started with the balcony raves on March 21st to celebrate what would’ve been the 21st edition of Ultra Music Festival. Then this past Friday, folks in Brickell took to their balconies with strobe lights and more EDM tunes for the first night of curfew in the City of Miami. “It was definitely a great moment. I know some people used it as an opportunity to thank healthcare workers, which is something we’ve been seeing all around the world,” says Frances Wang, a Brickell resident and CBS Miami reporter. “Overall, it was just a community effort to bring people together during these isolated times! We really are alone together,” she adds. 

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People in Miami are throwing all kinds of balcony parties and the videos are incredible
Photograph: @coffeeandchronic

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