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US pharmacy chains like CVS and Walgreens are already preparing to offer the vaccine against COVID-19. In addition to pharmacies, the giant WalMart, which also has a pharmacy within its units, will also distribute the immunizer.

The news is encouraging, given that efforts on American soil for mass vaccination are expected to make 70% of the population immunized in mid-August / September. In this case, the USA would be free from the pandemic and within a “new normal” at the beginning of the second half.

Pharmacies and supermarkets prepare to distribute COVID vaccine
Photo Source: Pixabay

This new reality may be even closer to materializing, with pharmacies and supermarkets also offering the vaccine. The news may sound a little strange to Brazilians, who could not possibly imagine that pharmacies here in Brazil could also offer the immunizer. It happens that in the USA, these establishments already have the necessary logistics and professionals qualified for mass vaccination.

The forecast is that the doses would be available in pharmacies already in mid-April this year.

With the United States entering the “new normal”, the expectations for the release of international flights increase, who today are prevented from entering American soil, with some exceptions.

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