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The renowned Porsche Design brand has also decided to start a business in the hotel sector and plans to open around 15 luxury hotels in cities such as London, Dubai, Singapore and Shanghai. The German brand, which has already made a bold move in Miami with the 2017 launch of the Porsche Design Tower, in Sunny Isles Beach, understands that it must also extend its image and services in the tourism sector. For this, a partnership with the Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts group is maturing. The brand’s growth, especially in the hotel sector, brings benefits to Porsche residential developments around the world.

Porsche Design plans to have its own luxury hotel chain
Photo: Rendering courtesy of Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts

“Steigenberger Porsche Design Hotels creates a brand that combines the design philosophy and values ​​of the exclusive Porsche Design brand with the hospitality and quality of service of a Steigenberger hotel,” said Marcus Bernhardt, CEO of Steigenberger Hotels AG / Deutsche Hospitality, in a statement the press . “Our joint objective is to establish a new hotel product for a global target group that seeks exclusivity and has the highest aspirations for quality.”

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Brand growth in the hotel sector benefits the brand’s residential developments

The fact that the Porsche Design brand is also engaged in the hotel sector could have a great positive impact for Porsche residential developments around the world. The most notable of these is the Porsche Design Tower in Miami, which brings exclusive features such as a car elevator that allows the owner to park in the apartment itself.

“By undertaking in the hotel sector, Porsche enters the exclusive group of luxury condo hotels around the world, such as Ritz Carlton and Waldorf Astoria”, explains Heloisa Arazi, broker and owner of real estate AMG International Realty, in Miami. “The existing residential towers will benefit from this new image and value it”, she adds.

“Branded Condos”: Developments associated with the brand are a trend

Real estate developments associated with big brands is a trend in the global luxury real estate sector. The brand brings added value, in addition to services, infrastructure and quality standards that ensure investment security. For an investor, it is much safer to peg their assets to a Porsche or Armani brand than to invest in an “unbranded” condominium, even if they pay a premium for it. “These developments generally offer 5-star hotel services to their owners, in addition to an incredible infrastructure. There is also a sense of exclusivity and limited offer, as they are unique projects, which projects a great appreciation of the investment”, explains Heloisa.

In Miami, some of the “branded” condominiums that exist are: Porsche Design Tower, Armani Casa Residences, Aston Martin residences, Baccarat Residences, Bentley Residences, Waldorf Astoria, among others.

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