With Florida now the national epicenter for coronavirus and Miami a hotspot within the state, it might be surprising to learn that the South Florida rental market is exploding. But it’s not Floridians lining up to lease. Instead, demand for Florida Real Estate Market is coming from other states — especially the east coast — a reflection of changing preferences driven by the pandemic.

It may seem counterintuitive that people are continuing to migrate to Florida even as the state reported 15,300 new cases on July 12 — breaking both state and U.S. records for single-day coronavirus cases.  The alarming numbers caused the Miami region to reverse course on most reopening plans and shut down all short-term rentals, as announced recently by Miami-Dade county Mayor Carlos Gimenez.

The work-from-home movement has given people more freedom on where they choose to live and has helped increase the demand for rentals and properties in the Miami area, said Rodriguez.  And good weather, beaches and quality school districts are what they’re seeking.

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Post lockdown migration is driving Miami’s rental market
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