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Privé condo in Aventura is not just another luxury condo in Miami. The name really lives up to the concept. “Privacy” is the magic word! And the elegant residents of this condominium know that they will be in a private environment, with exclusive access, for one simple reason: the property is located on an exclusive island just for the residents. That’s right! There are two 16-story towers with 160 residences in total located on a private 8-acre island. The island is exclusive for residents! There is even a project for an artificial beach on site.

To get to Privé, you must first go through a private road, private bridge and concierge. Once there, you can park in one of the private garages available for purchase or use the full-service valet.

Prive residences start at US $ 2.35 million, with coverage being valued at US $ 8.5 million. The condominium, delivered at the beginning of the year, already has more than 80% of its units sold.

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