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Bal Harbor neighborhood in Miami is the ideal place for those looking for exclusivity and quality of life. Like other luxury regions in Florida, Bal Harbour also attracts the attention of celebrities and high net worth individuals searching for Miami Luxury Real Estate. The great advantage of this community is that, in addition to being reserved and exclusive, the prices of the units in their luxury condos are more attractive than other more disputed areas, such as Miami Beach and Fisher Island.

reasons to live in Bal Harbor Miami

Next to Bal Harbor is the elegant island of Bay Harbor Island. Both communities are marked by a peaceful and residential environment by the sea. And if you want a little excitement, Miami Beach is right next door, separated by a few short bridges. Looking at the map you will see that Bal Harbor is at the northern tip of Miami Beach and the island of Bay Harbor is west of Biscayne Bay.

Bal Harbor and Bay Harbor Island together offer a mix of real estate options. Despite the exclusivity of the region, it is possible to find properties in Bal Harbor starting at US $ 300 k. Of course, the condos closest to the beach are more expensive, but even cheaper than other luxury locations in Miami. On the island of Bay Harbor, in addition to buildings, you can also find several options in single-family homes.

Take a morning walk on the beach, have lunch on your condo’s pool deck, and in the afternoon, how about a walk or shopping at Bal Harbor Shops?

Check out this article for 6 reasons to buy a property in Bal Harbor.

1 – Safe community

The state of Florida is already known for its safety. There you will find some of the safest cities in the United States. Bal Harbor in Miami is one of the safest areas in the city, with reinforced policing.

2. Fashion stronghold

Bal Harbor is home to the most luxurious shopping center in the world, with designer stores like Chanel, Gucci, Valentino, Prada and others. This is Bal Harbour Shops! It is one of the main shopping malls in Florida and known for being the most productive mall in the world. That’s right … and it couldn’t be different! With so many unique items being sold and a volume of people from around the world buying, the mall produces about $ 2,555 per square foot.

Bal Harbour Shops open air mall
Photo: Bal Harbour Shops

The mall has a modern and outdoor atmosphere, with impeccable landscaping. Visiting the mall is a super pleasant walk, even for those who don’t want to buy anything. Enjoy and have lunch there! Carpaccio restaurant is a great tip. We will talk more about restaurants and gastronomy in the next topic.

Bal Harbour Shops stores
Photo: Bal Harbour Shops

3. International gastronomy

In addition to the great restaurants present in the mall, the neighborhood also offers options for all tastes. In the region you will find French, Greek, Italian, Oriental cuisine and, of course, traditional American cuisine.

International Gastronomy

4. Nightlife

Bal Harbor is home to the famous St. Regis Bar & Wine Vault. Think of a trendy environment in one of Miami’s most exclusive spots, where you can enjoy labels of the most coveted champagnes and wines from around the world. As already mentioned, Bal Harbor is just north of Miami Beach. This way, if you want to enjoy all the action that Miami has to offer, just cross some bridges and, in a few minutes, you will be in the hottest part of the city!

5. Private beaches

Just as everything in the neighborhood is exclusive, so are the beaches. Here you won’t have the excitement of Miami Beach. Enjoy peace and tranquility and relax on one of Florida’s most beautiful beaches.

6. Parks

In the neighborhood you will find great parks. Do outdoor activities and get in touch with Florida’s tropical nature. Haulover Beach Park offers a picnic area and a walking or cycling path.

Real Estate Opportunities

AMG International Realty is a global real estate company specializing in Florida. If you are interested in knowing more about the Bal Harbor real estate market, contact us now by WhatsApp: +1 (308) 318 6968 (Heloisa Arazi).

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