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Why should you move to Florida? As the name suggests, the Sunshine State offers good weather all year round. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are there. In addition, the average real estate price in Florida is lower than in most other American states. Are you thinking about moving to Florida? Keep reading.

Reasons why you should move to Florida

1 – Some of the best beaches in the world

Needless to say, Florida’s beautiful beaches. There are more than 1300 miles of coastline on both the east and west sides. Some of Florida’s beaches are considered the best in the world. Even those who live in central Florida, depending on the location, can enjoy beaches that are less than an hour away by car. This is the case of Clearwater, on the west coast, and Daytona, on the east coast, which can be accessed by residents of the Orlando area, for a day at the beach.

2 – Good weather year round

This is perhaps the main reason that motivates Americans to move to Florida. The so-called “Sunshine State”, as the name suggests, offers sunshine all year … or almost! The average temperature in the state of Florida throughout the year ranges from 68 to 73 and an incredible 250 days of sunshine. In South Florida, in cities like Miami, it is not uncommon to be able to go to the beach all year round, even in winter. With so many sunny days and mild temperatures most of the year, Florida residents can spend less time indoors and better enjoy the outdoors! In times of pandemic, this is a great differentiator.

3 – Florida has no Income State Tax

Unlike most other US states, Florida does not charge a State income tax. This is a huge advantage for residents and millionaires from northern states, especially NY, who are migrating their companies’ headquarters to the Sunshine State. The revenue that could be earned from the state tax is offset by the sales tax and tourism tax. Thanks to Florida tourists, residents do not have to pay state tax and can save the money for a better quality of life.

4 – Best Amusement and Theme Parks

The best theme parks and water parks in the world are in Florida. We’re not just talking about Disney parks! Sea World, Universal Studios, Legoland, Kennedy Space Center are just a few of the numerous parks and amusement complexes that Florida has to offer, besides Disney. Many of them offer discounts to Florida residents.

5 – Great place to retire

The state of Florida is the American state with the largest number of people over 65 (over 17% of the population). And Florida attracts seniors every year. Some of the reasons that make Florida the preferred state for Americans to retire are already listed here: good weather all year round and no state income tax. The truth is that many cities and communities in Florida are among those that offer the best quality of life in the entire American territory.

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