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Did you know that Orlando is the main travel destination among Americans and one of the most visited in the world? More than 70 million people go to Mickey’s Land each year. They are people of different ages, interests and “pockets”. And the city is not just about parks and shopping. The surrounding Orlando reserves true hidden treasures and little known by tourists. They are very charming historic towns, cities and small communities, typical of central Florida. Like beer? Orlando offers dozens of craft breweries. Orlando is also surrounded by lush tropical nature and some incredible lake chains. It is no wonder that celebrities and millionaires chose the region to live, vacation or invest.

See in this article some reasons to choose the city of Orlando for your next trip:

1 – The biggest and best theme parks in the world

No destination in the world has the quantity and quality of Orlando’s theme parks. It is no wonder that the city is known as the world capital of theme parks. Some days are not enough to devour all the events and attractions at Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld and Legoland, among others. Even if you have already visited Orlando, there are always new attractions being launched in each park. Volcano Bay, from the Universal group, is an example.

In addition, Orlando also offers dozens of smaller and lesser-known parks, little noticed by tourists. Just take a little drive through the city and you will be faced with a diversity of small parks and new attractions being built all the time. FunSpot and Icon Park were, not so long ago, parks of little expression. Gradually these parks were adding incredible attractions and are already on the list of main parks for many tourists.

Reasons to pick Orlando for your next vacation

2 – Far beyond the parks

As already mentioned in the introduction to this post, Orlando is not restricted to parks and shopping. There is fun for the whole family. There are several historic cities near Orlando and also lovely beaches just 1 hour away. This is the case of Clearwater and Daytona Beach . For those who enjoy sports or outdoor activities, the region where Orlando is located brings an incredible tropical wealth, with several trails, canals and lakes to enjoy nature while walking or exercising. Don’t miss the small town of Winter Garden and visit the Crooked Can Brewing Company brewery. Stretch to Winter Park and visit The Wine Room, a kind of wine self-service from around the world where you buy by the day with a smart card. How about going to Cape Canaveral to watch a rocket launch into space? Or feel the sensation of free fall in a parachute jump simulator? Or venture on an Air-Boat through the Everglades and come across wild animals like crocodiles and eagles?

Not to mention that Orlando offers some of the best golf courses in the world for those who enjoy the sport. In the article Things to do in Orlando besides theme parks you can discover more.

Orlando besides theme parks

3 – Gastronomy

One of the biggest tourist destinations in the world could not be left wanting in gastronomy. There are restaurants, bars, pastry shops, cafes, snack bars and everything you can imagine to make your day more tasty. In addition to the restaurants and snack bars in the parks themselves, there are also great options at Disney Springs and Universal CityWalk . Another location that is a gastronomic reference in central Florida is Restaurant Row , an area close to the Dr. Phillips which concentrates the best restaurant flags. Be it a snack or an international gourment cuisine, Orlando offers all the options.

It is worth noting that in Disney parks you can have lunch or dinner with the characters ! How about it?


4 – Pleasant climate most of the year

Like most cities in central and south Florida, Orlando has a pleasant climate and sunny days all year round. It is true that in winter the temperature in Orlando can drop a little, but nothing compared to the harsh winter of the rest of the US.

Orlando still brings a difference in relation to the coastal regions of Florida, which is the fact that it is more protected from tropical storms coming from the ocean. The Florida region is affected by hurricanes that form in the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricanes tend to lose strength when they hit Florida’s coastal region. As the city of Orlando is located in a central region of the state and far from the coast, the storms usually do not reach hard there.

Buy a home in Orlando and pay within 30 years

How about having a second home in Orlando and being able to enjoy everything that the city and the region has to offer without having to bear the cost of accommodation? And best of all: You can still earn income in dollars by renting the house for periods of time that you do not use.

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