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A mansion that has just been sold in the Highland Beach, a community near Boca Raton, sets the record for the highest price for the second time this year. The luxury oceanfront home features an architecture and decor that uniquely conveys the feeling of “luxury oceanfront living” in Florida. We decided to dedicate this post to this house in Highland Beach, taking the opportunity to detail a little about this exclusive community and the lifestyle by the sea in Florida.

About the Mansion in Highland Beach

Located in the eastern part of Palm Beach County, Highland Beach is a small community less than 2 square kilometers in size. The name “Highland” is due to the fact that the shore is on a slope of the ocean, which offers an interesting view for the buildings on the waterfront in the community. In addition, the edge is not very wide, which brings the ocean closer to the houses, allowing you to better feel the ocean, the noise of the waves and the breeze.

This stunning mansion in Florida is over 11000 sqft and is the best-selling house in Highland Beach. Constructed of concrete and glass, the house has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

The features make the house even more exclusive, such as walls and floors made of lava stones.

The ocean front of the house is 36 meters long, providing a unique oceanfront lifestyle.

In this Florida community, as the name needed, the edge is slightly higher from the sea and is a shorter edge. The house is closer to the water, giving a greater feeling of integration with the sea. You can hear the ocean waves better. The height of the edge places the house in a higher position, allowing for a more beautiful view of the sea.

Record: $30 million mansion sold in Highland Beach
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Heated market

CNBC reported that the sale of the Highland Beach mansion pushed the average price in the community, making Highland Beach one of the most valued communities, outpacing regions like New York and Los Angeles. The mansion was sold in March this year for $21.5. The new owners put it back up for sale a month ago for $32 million, more than $10 million off the purchase price. In the end, the house was purchased for US$30.25 million, with a premium of US$8.7 million on the purchase price.

The Florida real estate market is super heated, especially for the so-called “single-family homes”, in other words, single-family homes (not twinned). The strong demand was driven by the expressive flow of Americans from other states. The trend already existed, but in the last two years the flow has increased considerably, especially on account of residents of the north (eg New York), in search of bigger houses and a more pleasant climate. Some new conditions favored this veritable exodus, such as the consolidation of remote work and also the fact that many companies are migrating their headquarters or part of their divisions to Florida, in search of a more “business friendly” environment.

High demand for single family homes isn’t the only factor driving Florida home prices. Inventory is also at the lowest historical level. Homeowners don’t want to sell and builders haven’t had time to develop new condominiums yet.

Less than 10 homes were available for sale in Highland Beach in the third quarter. In 2009 there were more than 4 thousand. An unseen situation of imbalance that is repeated throughout all regions of Florida, in the segment of single family homes.

Hurricane Proof

The house is a real fortress, built in concrete and high impact glass that can be withstand a category 5 hurricane (highest intensity a hurricane can achieve on the Shaffir-Simpson scale).

Florida is a state exposed to tropical storms from the Atlantic Ocean. Coastal regions are the most impacted in the event of a stronger hurricane or storm. For this reason, new construction in coastal areas is being developed to withstand the strong winds of hurricanes.

About Highland Beach

Highland Beach is situated between Delray Beach and Boca Raton, located along the scenic A1A highway. Its peaceful and relaxing beaches serve as essential nesting sites for endangered sea turtles.

Immerse yourself in ocean-inspired luxury at Delray Sands Resort. This sophisticated enclave of coastal elegance, with its laid-back atmosphere, is the epitome of relaxed coastal elegance. Deep sea fish in the adjacent Gulf Stream stream with half-day or full-day charter excursions available. Indulge in delicious food and Sunday brunch at the oceanfront restaurant, Latitudes, or maybe just grab your book and enjoy a cabin for a relaxing oceanfront stay.

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