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Home-office was already a trend before the covid-19 hit the world. Many co-working offices were on the rise with service packages aiming those new employees that started working with a flexible agenda, partially at home, partially at the office. With the pandemic, home-office and remote work is no longer a choice. In many countries, it’s an obligation. Working remotely is a requirement. And many companies realized that this new way of working could remain even after the pandemic. It turns out that, depending on how the new remote work procedures are implemented, companies may save a lot of money. And for the employees, that could also benefit their quality of life and production. In this new context, mixed-use developments could play an important role in pandemic times.

Remote work and mixed-use trend

It is kind of interesting how the new corporate architecture was evolving before the pandemic, towards open and collaborative spaces, with people interacting and socializing. Even the common areas of the new office buildings were conceived to stimulate networking. Sharing seemed to be the new trend and every different dimension of life.

With the pandemic, “sharing” is no longer the concept. “Isolation” is the word. Crowded offices in open-collaborative spaces became a place where nobody wants to be at this moment.

For developers, the two words that are driving real estate new projects nowadays are “stay home”. That means the new buildings must provide amenities and services that allow residents to take care of their essential needs and do daily activities without leaving the building or within walking distance.

Mixed-use developments seem to be a concept of lifestyle that can be a great solution for the new normal. We already commented on this blog about the great benefits of this kind of property. In a mixed-use complex people can live, play, shop, work and do a lot of other activities within walking distance. That can prevent people from going out and spreading the virus to different neighborhoods.

Of course now the new mixed-use developments are reviewing its new amenities, services and common spaces. They are turning it from “sharing” to “social-distancing” and implementing a lot of safe protocols so people may enjoy a nice and safe lifestyle. The idea is to create an environment that prevents people from leaving the complex and stimulates them to stay home. At the same time the common areas and amenities are designed to encourage interaction in a responsible and safe way.

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