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There are several formats of accommodation offered in Orlando. Hotel accommodation is still the most sought after, due to its practicality and prices, which are not expensive in the region. Obviously, there are exceptions, like Disney-themed hotels, which are differentiated and considerably more expensive than the average. Another form of accommodation in Florida, which is gaining more and more prominence, is staying at Vacation Homes in Orlando near the parks. These are homes within a condominium in Orlando near the parks, which can be rented and guarantee a different experience and, for many, more interesting than staying in hotel rooms.

Rent a house or book a hotel? What is the best accommodation in Orlando?

Especially after the arrival of online rental platforms, such as Airbnb and Booking, renting homes around the world just got easier and more fun. And, in many situations, cheaper as well.

A new factor that came to influence the decision on where to stay was the advent of the pandemic. Central Florida suffered a veritable invasion of Americans from northern cities such as New York and New Jersey. Most were looking for Vacation Homes in Orlando to spend quarantine. The large centers in the northern United States were most affected in the first weeks of the pandemic. As a result, many people have fled to areas in the interior of Florida, in search of regions where the records of infection are lower, besides, of course, the pleasant climate of the region and less populated areas.

In this article we make a comparison between staying in a hotel and staying in vacation homes in Orlando.

Convenient accommodation in Orlando

The hotels offer greater practicality in the lodging, since they have cleaning service, tidiness of the rooms, change of towels and sheets, breakfast (if hired), concierge service, among other advantages. These are services that you will have to do on your own if you choose to stay in a rented house.

Generally, the choice of staying in a home also takes into account cooking, making a supermarket, etc. Staying in hotels, there is no such work. Of course, when staying in houses, tourists can also eat out every day if they wish, but generally people choose houses precisely because they enjoy the day to day life of a home in a different tourist destination. What for some is an inconvenient job, for many is a leisure and an interesting experience.

Price of accommodation in Orlando

Orlando is a city that offers a wide range of hotels and is generally reasonably priced. However, a vacation home can offer a considerable financial advantage, especially if the trip is in large groups. In this way, the “per capita” price of the daily rate of the house ends up taking more into account. Add to the daily price the amounts saved with breakfast, lunch and dinner, which will also be shared, the package can be financially attractive compared to hotels.

Vacation homes in Orlando

Interaction with the local community

One of the main reasons why people choose rental houses instead of hotel accommodation is the interaction with the local community. The experience of feeling like a resident of that neighborhood is, for many, a fantastic experience. In fact, it is a great way to understand and learn a little about the local culture. Doing a supermarket, finding a laundry, greeting the neighbor, carrying out small daily shifts typical of a resident, etc … all this contributes to making the travel experience richer and more fun.

This interaction with the local community is practically nil when we stay in hotels. Any problem or expedient that the guest needs to solve, just call the hotel reception or concierge. This prevents the tourist from having a deeper contact with the daily life of that community in which he is spending his holidays. Once again, what for some is a major inconvenience, for others it is a priceless experience.

Interaction with the local community

Make yourself at home

In addition to interacting with the neighborhood, staying in a house is more reminiscent of a home environment than a hotel room. You will have more space and freedom. You can also have more control of your routine, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner hours.

Privacy: Feel at home

In a rented house the privacy is considerably greater than the accommodation in a hotel in Orlando. Wake up whenever you want and have breakfast with your family, still in your pajamas! Nobody will bother you by knocking on the door to clean your room or for any other reason. When leaving the house it will not be that crazy hotel corridor full of doors with all that people enter and leave, not to mention the noise of people passing in the corridor all the time. In a rented house, you will have more freedom, privacy and you can even invite friends you want to a dinner, a get-together or a typical Brazilian barbecue.

Privacy: Feel at home

Pet-Friendly Policy

It is true that the pet segment is evolving and some hotels already allow you to take your pet to enjoy the holidays together. However, staying in a hotel room with your dog or cat is not as cool as a rented house. In a hotel the animal will not have space to run, play and interact. Before renting the house, confirm that the property allows pets.

Protection against new pandemics

We could not fail to comment on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the behavior of the new tourist. Now that the economy is reopening in many countries, online booking platforms are reporting an increased demand for vacation homes over hotels. Tourists, fearful of the pandemic, are preferring to stay in vacation homes, where they can have more control over their routines, cleaning and other care. When opting for vacation homes they avoid common areas of hotels, where there is greater exposure to agglomerations and risks of contamination.

Most vacation homes in Orlando have already adapted to the new demand, adopting security measures and new services. Even an international chef can be requested at your vacation residence, in case you don’t want to take chances in the condominium’s restaurant environments. The chef prepares everything in front of you, following all safety protocols. What about? Find out more about the news on Orlando condominium services in times of a pandemic clicking here .

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