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In the article Rent a house or book a hotel? What is the best accommodation in Orlando? We compared accommodation in hotels and Vacation Homes in the city of Orlando. With the advent of the pandemic, choosing to stay in rented houses brings another great advantage: protection and social distance.

During the July vacation we noticed an unusual movement in the behavior of tourists. Many chose to rent houses in the countryside to spend a vacation with family or small groups of friends. The decision comes mainly from people who live in large centers, usually in small apartments. With most international flights suspended and the fear of staying in hotels, where there is a large flow of people in the common areas, rented houses become the perfect option for those who still want to remain isolated and in a safe environment in Florida, while keeping social distance.

“Vacation homes are generally spacious properties with a large outdoor area, swimming pool, barbecue and even a playground”, observes Carlos Barros, international investment consultant. “We noticed this movement in various corners of the world. In the USA there was a flight from cities in the north of the country, such as New York and New Jersey, to vacation homes in Orlando and central Florida “, he adds.

With the suspension of flights to Europe and the United States, the Brazilian who used to travel abroad on vacation had to adapt the itinerary and look for a solution in Brazil. Renting a holiday home in the countryside or on the beach has become the perfect way out for those who want to change the quarantine at home for isolation in a more pleasant environment and with a large outdoor area. The isolation routines remain the same, they only change addresses.

“It is much more interesting than staying in a hotel, since the routines and security procedures that people adopt in their homes can be extended to the rented house”, explains Barros. “In a hotel there are several points with risks of agglomeration, such as reception, lobby, elevators, corridors, etc.”, he adds.

Taking advantage of a hotel’s swimming pool can also be risky. Wearing masks while getting wet is practically impossible. And how to ensure distance in hotel pools? This problem does not exist in a rented house with a private pool, for example. In a private pool you can relax, sunbathe and enjoy a drink with your family or friends in the privacy of your own rented home.

The city of Orlando, famous for its vacation home condos near the parks, suffered a real invasion of tourists in these pandemic times. The luxury condominium Encore Resort in Kissimmee has adopted services and measures to adapt to the new normal. The resort offers houses from 4 to 13 bedrooms and all the infrastructure so that the guest does not have to leave the condo to be entertained. The houses offer a private pool and if you miss a restaurant, but still don’t want to take chances in these establishments, Encore offers an international chef who comes to your house inside the condominium and prepares everything in front of you, with all the protocols of security. To learn more about Encore’s tips during the pandemic click here.

For Barros, Brazilians cannot wait to travel abroad. “In July there is usually a huge demand from Brazilians for vacation homes in Orlando, which is not happening now due to the suspension of flights,” he explains. “But the demand remains, it is a repressed demand that will return with everything as soon as the borders reopen”, he predicts. “The strong indication that this will happen and that people will continue to travel to Florida is that the beaches in Brazil are crowded, even during the pandemic. Many of these tourists would now be in the US or Europe,” he says.

And you? Can’t wait to travel to Florida? Flights still remain suspended, but we have faith that this will soon pass. To find out more about Orlando vacation rentals please contact us. AMG Realty is a global real estate company specializing in Florida: +1 (305) 318 6968 (WhatsApp).

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