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Orlando offers a variety of outlets, stores and malls for shopping. Foreigners and outsiders often go to stores with a huge list of things to buy. Some even take suitcases to accommodate so many bags. Already knowing that the appetite for shopping in Orlando is great, many smart guys keep an eye on the most distracted to “run their hands” on the bags or even break into cars and steal what’s in the trunk. Hardly anyone will approach you to take your bags.

We have already written an article with great tips you need to know before shopping in Orlando. In this article we focus on safety tips.

Shopping Safety tips in Orlando

1 – Choose a more protected car spot

Depending on where you shop in Orlando, finding vacancies can be difficult. Especially in Orlando’s premium outlets, parking is highly sought after, which leads customers to park in spaces farther from the entrance to stores or away from movement. Try to arrive earlier to find places closer to the entrance to shopping malls and outlets, where there is more movement. In most outlets there are also security booths scattered around the parking lots of some outlets. Try to park near these cabins.

2 – Avoid going to and from the car with shopping

It is very common when shopping at outlets to go back to the car to store the bags in the trunk and then return to do more shopping. Avoid doing this! If a rogue is watching, he will try to break into the trunk of your car to steal your purchases.

3 – Change places if necessary

If you have a lot of bags and you really need to get back to the car, then change the car after you have put the bags away. Look for another distant spot and keep an eye out to see if there are any cars following you. When changing vacancies the rascal will think that you have finished your shopping and returned to the hotel.

4 – Avoid taking suitcases for shopping

Many people take suitcases to shop. In fact, the bags are very practical and allow you to accommodate a large amount of clothes and items purchased. If, on the one hand, suitcases are practical, on the other hand they can get everyone’s attention. Whoever takes a suitcase for shopping at the outlets is why they will buy a lot!

5 – When leaving the outlet, see if you are being followed

When you leave the outlet with your purchases, check to see if no one is following you.

6 – Exit the outlet and go straight to the hotel

Avoid making intermediate stops after leaving the outlet with your purchases. That stop for a restaurant or cafe is the ideal time for a thief, who may be following you, to break into your car and steal your purchases.

Don’t shop at outlets and go to the parks, thinking that paid parking at a theme park is safe. Park car parks are huge and are also subject to theft.

These are just a few safety tips when buying. If you have any other tips please share with us in the comments.

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