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Right now, there are many new projects in Miami that allow short term rentals. Developments like Legacy, YotelPad, District 225, Natiivo, etc, all allow you to stay in your property, and rent it when you are away. Short term rental properties are great opportunities for investors. Owning a unit in a short term rental friendly condo ca help maximize your income.

Vacation rentals allow you to rent your property with no time restrictions. Therefore, you can rent your unit by night. In addition, using platforms like Airbnb can help you find tenants and allow you to adjust the price of your unit when demand is high (weekends, holidays, etc.)

Furthermore, short term rentals also offer a lot more flexibility than properties you rent for a longer period. These properties are excellent for homeowners who want to access the property occasionally. That is why these properties work great as second homes. With vacation rentals, you have the flexibility of listing your home for periods when you know you won’t be using it. Whether it is for a week, a month, or longer. Therefore, it is a great way of generating income for a property that is vacant part-time.

In addition, some issues with short-term rental properties are more manageable than those you would experience with a long-term lease. For example, all transactions can be made through your platform of choice, making it easy to get paid. Therefore, common payment issues that are sometimes experienced by landlords can often be avoided through this investment opportunity.

Checkout new construction The Crosby Miami, a new project in Downtown, located inside Miami Worldcenter, with no rental restrictions.

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