With a few beaches in Florida reopening for limited purposes and more to follow in the coming days and weeks, members of your private residential community may be even less tolerant about common amenities remaining closed. However, convenience must always be subordinated to life safety.

Community association boards in Florida have followed cues from state and local government and heeded the advice of medical and management professionals and association counsel when crafting and enforcing pandemic protocols. Despite taking steps to safeguard community residents, some boards have been subjected to legal threats and pushback from residents who are less inclined to see the big picture.

Should Condos and HOAs avoid rushing to open common areas

We all know these closures must come to an end at some point and likely that end will occur well before a Covid-19 vaccine becomes available. What will the new normal look like in terms of the community association lifestyle? Will more communities utilize technology like online voting and virtual meetings as a way to minimize crowds and paper voting materials? Will permanent hand sanitizer stations be placed in high traffic areas and crowded spaces such as elevators and shared laundry rooms? Will spacing out pool chairs and fitness equipment be the norm on a going forward basis?

Will these boards be able to withstand that pressure and continue to see their protocol through to its logical conclusion?

Should Miami Condos and HOAs avoid rushing to open common areas?

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