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After 10 years of legal challenges, the developer of SkyRise Miami recently announced that the project will be cancelled. The tower was going to become a 1,000 foot tall vertical amusement park located in downtown Miami. However, after almost a decade of legal battles, the developer had to cease plans.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought many unforeseen challenges for the project. Despite all of this, the developers endured in hopes of building the magnificent project. However, due to the hit covid-19 brought to the hospitality and entertainment industries, the developers had no alternative but to cease construction.

Construction for the project started in 2019. SkyRise Miami would’ve been a bit taller than the Eiffel Tower. It also would’ve been about 400 feet shorter than the tallest U.S observation deck. The project was going to include a bungee jump, a nightclub, several observation decks, and restaurants.

The project struggled to secure financing. This was another big reason why it had to be cancelled. The developers ceased construction in 2020, and have been working to restore the site to its original condition, which was a parking lot.

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SkyRise Miami ceased construction

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