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Yes, it looks like the forecast is for snow in Florida next year! Of course, it won’t be that amount of snow expected from a state like Colorado, but it will be enough to guarantee the fun! A snow park, called Snowcat Ridge, will open in Dade City, in the Tampa area.

Snowcat Ridge Florida snow park

Snowcat Ridge will offer a 120 meter snowtubing trail, a winter shelter and an Alpine Village.

“Some people think it’s impossible to experience snow tubes and the joy of snow in Florida, but our team is concerned with making the impossible possible,” said Snowcat Ridge creative director Mark Bremer in a statement.

Visitors will be able to ride single, double or six-person tubes down the hill. Inside the snow dome, visitors can build snowmen or snow castles. The dome will also feature a children’s snow hill for younger visitors.

At Alpine Village, visitors can dine or enjoy hot chocolate by the fire.

For more information about Snowcat Ridge, visit official website.

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