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You know what’s better than a bar? A bar with a perfect view of the Magic City. After all these years, Little Havana finally has its first rooftop bar. Deco’s taking you inside the one-of-a-kind spot that’s bring some fresh flavors to the 305.

Cheers to a new beginning! Life House Hotel in Little Havana has its own rooftop oasis, and it’s called Terras.

Terras is a tropical rooftop bar and restaurant with unrivaled views of the Miami Skyline and a menu inspired by urban street foods found throughout the South American, Caribbean, and Latin American regions.

Francisco Vinas, Terras: “We’re trying to provide something in the community that hasn’t been done before, and that is a rooftop bar. Little Havana is a growing community that has a lot to offer.”

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Terras Little Havana Restaurant
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