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The popularity of South Florida condos is continuously growing. With the availability of Covid vaccines, and the limited inventory of homes for sale, people are turning to condos to satisfy their real estate needs. In fact, right now buyers appear to be more comfortable again with multiunit living spaces. Therefore, surge in demand has been intense for the last couple of months.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, buyers were reluctant to purchase condos. This is because single-family homes could better accommodate a life lived mostly indoors. However, as the pandemic begins to cool down, buyers are beginning to see all the benefits of condo living again. South Florida condos are becoming very popular, and for good reason. With many new constructions on the horizon, and plenty of existing options, buyers have the opportunity of finding the best fit for their needs.

Furthermore, in February, closed sales of condos and townhomes in Broward rose 22.8%. Similarly, in Palm Beach county it also rose to 9.1%.

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South Florida condos are very popular right now

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