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Splash Mountain ride at Magic Kingdom Orlando is considered one of the main and most traditional attractions of Disney parks. The toy mixes the magic of Walt Disney’s design “Song of the South” (Song of the South 1946) with the fun and exciting waterfalls that leave passengers on the boat (which simulates a hollow tree trunk cut in half ) very wet with the waterfall-like falls of the toy. What makes the attraction even more special are the audio-animated dolls (robotic dolls) along the tour, which make the visitor feel part of the story.

Splash Mountain: one of the most traditional attractions Magic Kingdom
Photo: Disney

Enter the log boat, which holds 8 passengers, and smoothly navigate the stream through rocky caves and a colorful swamp while experiencing the classic story of Br’er Rabbit in search of the “place of laughter” (Laughin ‘Place) … .And suddenly, when everything seems calm, there are steep falls that can reach 65 km / h. What about?

** ATTENTION: ** At the end of the article we show an incredible video about Splash Mountain that runs through the attraction seen from inside. The visitor filmed everything on board the boat and you will be able to live on a “virtual tour” the experience and the magic of the toy. Be sure to watch! Read on to learn more.

The tour lasts just over 10 minutes, where the story of the smart Br’er Rabbit is narrated. In search of the “place of laughter” (a magical place where everything is peace and happiness), the rabbit is chased by two other characters: Br’er Bear and Br’er Fox.

Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear: Animatronic characters at Splash Mountain Magic Kingdom
Photo: Disney

Pass by dozens of passionate characters and animals made up of audio-animatronics, such as geese, frogs, raccoons, skunks, bees and crocodiles singing classic Disney themes like “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” and “Ev’rybody’s Got a Laughing Place” .

How are Splash Mountain waterfalls? Will I get wet?

The ride has some falls. The largest of them is 16 meters and has a 45 degree inclination, which makes the boat reach a speed of 65 km / hour.

Disney Splash Mountain - Waterfall - Prepare yourself to get wet

Yes you will get wet! However, there are places on the boat where you get less wet. The benches closest to the front of the boat are the most exposed to water in the falls. If you don’t want to get too wet, prefer the positions at the bottom of the boat. Just ask the cast member to position you where to prefer. You are not guaranteed to get the ideal spot, but he will do his best. If you have belongings (bags, backpacks, cell phones, etc.) that cannot be exposed to water, there are lockers at the entrance of the toy that they serve and paid deposits, to keep them stored while you have fun.

** IMPORTANT TIP: Try to smile when you fall from the waterfall, as a photo will be taken so you can buy it at the end of the tour

You can also watch the boat plummet if you don’t want to participate in the attraction. For this, there are demarcated and appropriate places outside to see the show.

Fast Pass – Avoid queues

As Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom is one of the park’s main attractions, be prepared for long lines. The good news is that it is worth the wait! If you don’t want to queue, remember that your Disney ticket already includes some Fast Passes (passes that you don’t have to queue for and pass in front). Take advantage of the Fast Pass to enjoy Splash Mountain.

Splash Mountain - The Br'er Rabbit - Br'er Rabbit and the place of laughter
Photo: Disney

An alternative for the little ones (under 1 m)

Located near the Splash Mountain exit, there is a space called Laughin ’Place. It is a recreation area where small children under 40 inches (1 meter), the minimum height required to participate in the toy, can have fun. Children need to be supervised by an adult at Laughin ‘Place.

Splash Mountain Magic Kingdom video

In this video offered by CoasterForce’s YouTube channel, the visitor filmed The entire Splash Mountain from inside the boat, covering the entire circuit, including the falls, which are the most interesting parts. The video portrays the experience and what Splash Mountain is. Follow:

The Story of the Br’er Rabbit Rabbit

As promised at the beginning of the article, here is a brief explanation of the history of Br’er Rabbit, which inspired the creation of Splash Mountain.

The Br’er Rabbit is a character in American folklore that gained fame after the books by Joel Chandler Harris. Joel compiled in a book tales narrated by the folk Uncle Remus (Uncle Remus), an American folk character who tells stories in the plantations of the southern USA. One of these stories was that of the smart Br’er, who got what he wanted based on the argument, instead of using force. In 1946 Walt Disney released the film Song of the South, based on Joel Chandler Harris’s Uncle Remus. In the film, Uncle Remus, played by actor James Baskett, tells several stories about the misfortunes of Br’er and his tricks to deceive the fox (Br’er Fox) and the bear (Br’er Bear), in the form of life lessons.

Southern Dog was Walt Disney’s first film that mixed real actors with animations. The song “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” won the Oscar for Best Original Song in 1948, and actor James Baskett received an Oscar of Honor for his performance as Uncle Remus.

Song of the South Disney

Did you like the tip? There are three Splash Mountain attractions in the Disney parks. One is at Disneyland in California, another at Disneyland in Tokyo and the one in this article in Orlando, at Magic Kingdom. The three Splash Mountains are very similar with only a few variations.

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