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Spring Break is one of the most popular school holidays in the United States. Because of this, some destinations in the world are often flooded with young Americans looking for a lot of excitement and fun during the holidays. Cancun is the most famous destination to enjoy the period, as well as several coastal cities in Florida. Miami is one of them!

When is Spring Break?

The holiday usually occurs in March and extends to April. The date is not precise and each educational entity releases at a different time, but within these months.

For those who are going on vacation to Florida, and do not want to participate in this hustle and bustle, the ideal is to avoid Spring Break dates. As there is no single date or period that all educational institutions release their students, it is more difficult to predict the busiest days. The important thing is to know that it usually occurs in March.

Spring Break Miami

Spring Break in Miami

The favorite beach for young people traveling to Miami on Spring Break is, of course, Miami Beach, considered one of the best beaches in Florida. Crowd peaks usually occur in the first half of March. At this time, Miami Beach host parties and events and Ocean Drive Avenue, the most popular in Miami, is usually very festive in its bars and restaurants.

It is not every Spring Break day that parties or events take place on the beaches of Miami. Stay tuned to the schedule if you want to enjoy the beach without all that excitement. You can also relax and enjoy the Florida sun and sea on other beaches. The more northerly beaches, like Sunny Isles Beach and Bal Harbor Beach, are more residential and are not usually crowded.

Daytona beach

Another popular beach for spring break students is Daytona Beach. The city is home to NASCAR and is just an hour from Orlando.

Daytona Beach

How is the city of Orlando during the spring break in the USA?

Orlando city and the theme parks are also often crowded during the Spring Break holiday in Florida. Huge queues and expensive prices are what you will find at this time, although the temperature is more pleasant in the region.

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