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Orlando remains a top destination for Americans during Spring Break, one of the most popular school holidays in the US. And this time it occupied the first position in the TOP 10 ranking revealed by Allianz Partners, a renowned travel insurance assistance company.

Allianz has compiled data from over 4 million trips lasting between 5 and 8 days for the period February 18 to April 18. In all, 5 cities in Florida were among the 10 favorites of Americans, consolidating the preference in the country for cities with warmer climates in this period.

The survey also revealed that travel during the Spring Break holiday grew by more than 130% compared to the number of bookings recorded in 2021. The dramatic increase highlights the pent-up demand for travel among Americans.

In addition to Orlando, 4 other cities in the “Sunshine State” also occupied the TOP 10 ranking. They are: Fort Meyers (8), Miami (7), Fort Lauderdale (5) and Tampa (10).

The data revealed by Allianz Partners also brought the most sought after destinations internationally by Americans. Check out the complete ranking of cities in the US and worldwide

Strangely, the city of Daytona was left out of the TOP 10 list. Daytona is traditionally a city sought after by Americans during Spring Break. That’s not to say Daytona hasn’t been overrun by young Americans during Spring Break in 2022. It’s likely that many Americans made reservations for Orlando, but also stretched or made daytrips to Daytona, as the city is so far away. just 1 (one) hour drive from Orlando.

Spring Break: Orlando is the #1 destination in 2022

What is Spring Break?

Spring break is considered one of the most popular holidays in the US. During this period, some destinations within the US and around the world receive thousands of young Americans. The city of Cancun, Mexico, is a well-known and sought after destination for Spring Break and famous for the parties, hype and excitement promoted by young Americans at this time.

When is Spring Break?

Spring Break is usually during the month of March in the US and can take the first weeks of April. The dates change slightly from year to year and also between educational institutions.

For those who are planning to spend a family vacation and enjoy the parks in Orlando, the period is not considered a good time to travel. In addition to more expensive rates in hotels and vacation homes, the parks are always crowded and long queues.

The big advantage is for owners of vacation homes, who usually earn high amounts of rent during this period. Learn more in the next topic.

Spring Break Florida

Vacation rental rates (Airbnb) skyrocket during Spring Break

Due to the large influx of tourists to Orlando during the Spring Break holiday, the month of March and the first week of April is considered a very high season and usually brings great returns to owners of Vacation Homes in Orlando. The daily price of vacation homes in the city skyrockets. The occupancy rate in this period is also usually close to 100%.

For this reason, Orlando vacation homes are considered one of the best real estate investments in the world. Not altogether, the demand for this type of investment increased considerably in 2022, with the reopening of borders and the resumption of international investments.

Investing in vacation homes for rental income in Orlando, in addition to providing a high dollar return, does not generate any management work on the part of the owner. The so-called Property Managers (Administradores), take care of everything, from the disclosure of the property to the collection of values, going through the check-in/check-out bureaucracy and all the maintenance. Learn more about Total Rental Management services in Orlando.

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