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Tucked away, just half a block from Miracle Mile, in the heart of Coral Gables is your favorite new spot for crepes in Florida, Stephanie’s Crepes. The space is covered with wood paneling giving it a cozy feel that makes you want to hang out and chat.

Their menu features unique recipes. You’ll find crepe specials like falafel, ropa vieja, or the Filipino Halo-halo. The sweet crepes are filled with fresh fruits, homemade custards, and whipped yogurt, while the savory crepes are filled with salads, proteins, vegetables, and homemade sauces/dressings.  The best part is that, no matter what you pick, it’s a perfect balance of flavors you’ll enjoy. Once you try Stephanie’s Crepes, you’ll become a regular and you’ll keep coming back.

Stephanie’s is also a great place for a date or visit with a friend because you’ll have a hard time just picking one item off their menu. They also have breakfast crepes every day. Her breakfast crepes are fresh, organic, and gluten-free. Each crepe is designed to fold like a bouquet of flower, making it a beautiful breakfast/lunch/dinner/dessert, suitable for a grab and go meal. Delicious choice for office functions/ corporate catering, private events, birthday parties, bridal/baby showers, and more.

The place has outdoor seating to enjoy your meal at their location. They opened a window so you can place your order without having to go inside, to keep up with COVID-19 safeness guidelines.

Stephanie is the diamond grader turned chef with who opened this charming little creperie: “When I moved to Miami, I worked as a consultant for the Zuma group. I was able to get to know Miami through some of the projects I had with them. For two years I did that while I was looking for a space.”

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Stephanie’s Crepes: Coral Gables Hidden Gem
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