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The tropical storm named Isaías gained strength this Thursday and is now classified as a category 1 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale. Today (Friday), the hurricane is over the Bahamas, heading for the southeast coast of Florida. The winds are likely to intensify , raising the hurricane rating to Category 2 later this Friday. The news of a new hurricane worries the Florida authorities, at a time when the coronavirus pandemic is at its most critical level.

The storm Isaías gained strength after passing through the Dominican Republic. At this time, the hurricane has winds of approximately 130 km / h and is close to the Bahamas, as reported by the National Hurricane Center. To qualify for category 1, the storm must have winds of at least 119 km / h. From 154 km / h, enter category 2.

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Storm Isaiah gains strength and becomes category 1 hurricane
Image: NHC – National Hurricane Center
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