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Disney has just announced a new project to create planned residential neighborhoods across the United States. The group will take advantage of its expertise in planning and urbanism and take the “Storyliving by Disney” concept across the country.

“Storyliving by Disney” will be part of Disney’s Theme Parks division and will operate in the planning and development of residential communities. The big difference is the Disney “touch” in every detail.

The new communities will be conceived as true exclusive and enriching oases that will bring in the concept the objective of bringing people closer and socializing.

Everything will be managed by Disney’s “Cast Members”. Who else could offer an environment with a unique, vibrant and, of course, fun mix of experiences!

Storyliving by Disney: The new 'magic' residential communities by Disney

Cotino: The first community within the “Storyliving by Disney” concept

Disney is in an early stage of exploration and research to find the ideal locations where new communities will be developed. The first location has already been selected!

The first Storyliving by Disney community will be in Rancho Mirage, California’s Coachella Valley. The neighborhood was named Cotino and will offer villas, houses, townhomes and other housing complexes.

In addition to the residential area, the community of Cotino has zoning approvals for the development of a hotel and a retail area with shops, restaurants and entertainment distributed in an area of ​​24 acres around a large lagoon with crystal clear waters, developed with the technology Crystal Lagoons® and a walking area overlooking the Serra de Santa Ana in the distance.

A portion of the oasis will include a professionally managed beach park with recreational water activities that can be accessed by the public through the purchase of a day pass.

Disney will build residential neighborhoods with the storyliving by Disney concept

Storyliving Disney

Video about Disney’s Storyliving Communities

Expertise in planned communities

The Disney Group’s experiences in planning and urbanism began with Walt Disney himself, who had a dream of conceiving a futuristic model city. The original project started with the EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow), that is, a super planned city of tomorrow. This idea arose in the last years of Walt Disney’s life. When he died, the project even followed some of his ideals, but not in the exact way he imagined. Today EPCOT is a theme park.

It was within this dream of Walt Disney that the neighborhood of Celebration, in Kissimmee, emerged. The community is to this day indirectly controlled by the Disney Company. Super planned, the residential community offers an enviable quality of life. Everything is very well thought out and taken care of, from the landscaping to the style of the residences.

Another community planned by the same group of companies that planned Walt Disney is called Weston and is located on the outskirts of Miami. Weston has gained prominence in recent years as one of the best places in the US to live. The community is famous for its excellent public schools, tree-lined streets, security, among other features that make it one of the best in terms of quality of life.

And for those who want to live or have a second home within Disney, it is possible to buy houses in the prestigious Golden Oak condominium. It is the only condominium of houses in Orlando located inside Disney. The condo is located next to the Magic Kingdom and was designed by Imagineers (Disney engineers). There are seven different communities (neighborhoods) within Golden Oak and all of them preserve the standard and quality that bears the group’s brand

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