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Miami’s noble Sunny Isles Beach community suffered an invasion of new developments in the past 10 years, including some of the most luxurious condominiums in the world, such as the Porsche Design Tower and Armani Residences. These high-end oceanfront towers carry world-renowned brands, in partnership with the local developers, such as Dezer Development. Many others skyscrapers have become part of the island’s landscape. The urban transformation of the neighborhood brought advantages and disadvantages. Increasingly congested traffic is one of the problems, which is common in any emerging neighborhood. On the other hand, the island now has new options for restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. The community does not lose its elegance.

Sunny Isles Beach and its urban development

Fortunately the problem of traffic on the island is under debate and is the number one priority for candidates for the city commission, which will hold elections for new members next November.

The priorities of most candidates: 1 – Manage and bring solutions to ease the increasingly congested traffic on the island and 2 – Take action to further improve the quality of life for residents.

Dana Goldman, current member of the council, suggests reducing the speed limit and widening the sidewalks on the avenue, a move that will make the island a little more pedestrian-friendly.

Another alternative would be to revise the master plan, creating restrictions on new developments, especially with regard to the west side of the island. The east side, facing the ocean, has almost been taken over by luxury waterfront developments. The idea now is to prevent the west side, facing the intracoastal rea, from following the same steps. The restriction would slow the increase of new residents, preventing traffic in the region from getting worse.

Sunny Isles Beach is also known as the Florida Riviera and is considered one of the noblest and safest regions to live in the state.

Real Estate Opportunities in Sunny Isles Beach

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