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Thanks to COVID-19 you may now have a chance to experience chef Tim Andriola cooking at your home. Andriola is the head chef of famous Sunny Isles Beach restaurant Timo. Reported 7 News Miami.

Tim Andriola: “We decided that instead of people coming to our restaurant, that we would take the Timo experience to their homes.”

The ideia came from the not-so-comfortable environment people still feel about going out for dinner during the pandemic. And don’t worry if your kitchen is not that big or high-tech. Size doesn’t matter. Any kitchen will do. “Typically, most home kitchens is fine for us to produce everything. We do a lot of prep at the restaurant, so we’re able to accommodate any situation, any type of venue.”

The Staff at Timo Restaurant in Sunny Isles Beach already have a few sample menus that you may choose from, and if you want a special dish, they can arrange it.

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Sunny Isles Beach chef Tim Andriola brings restaurant experience to people’s homes
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