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THE NEW YORK TIMES – For those who think art objects are a bore and are more into multisensory-immersive experiences, a new venture is about to reinvent how art is shown. Superblue, as it is called, will open a series of experiential art centers that won’t sell or show precious objects, as conventional galleries or museums do. They’ll present art experiences: deep dives into all-encompassing works by such artists as JR, the French photographer who focuses on issues like migration, displacement and imprisonment; and James Turrell, the celebrated Light and Space artist whose massive installation at the Guggenheim Museum seven years ago was described in The New York Times as “a meditative spectacle.”

Superblue plans to open first in Miami in December, in a formerly abandoned industrial building across the street from the Rubell Museum, one of the premier contemporary art collections.

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Superblue promisses to reinvent how art is shown
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