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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — The predictions are in for the hottest housing markets of 2021 and Miami makes the top ten list, according to a new Zillow survey.

Austin, Texas leads the list of mostly Sun Belt cities expected to heat up faster than the nation’s large coastal markets.

Miami-Dade Total Home Sales Surge Double Digits in September

The booming Texas destination heads a lineup of sunny and relatively affordable metro areas that are most likely to outperform the nation in home value growth, according to a panel of economists and real estate experts recently surveyed by the online real estate marketplace.

An overwhelming 84% of those surveyed said Austin values would out-perform the national average, compared to just 9% who believe it would fare worse. Phoenix came in second with 69%, followed by Nashville at 67%, Tampa at 60%), and Denver had 56%. Dallas was next with 54%, followed by Atlanta 57%, Washington DC 37%, Riverside, CA 37%, and Miami with 34%.

Of the 20 markets considered, expensive coastal areas such as New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles are expected to fare the worst against the national average, signaling a shift from growth patterns in recent years.

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