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To think of the skylines of America’s big cities is to think of skyscrapers. From tourist attractions to financial districts, the American dream tends to be bound up in all that is neck-cricking – which is partly what makes Miami such a remarkable city architecturally.

This cosmopolitan hub in south Florida, known affectionately as the capital of Latin America, has some high-rise buildings – but it’s its art deco Historic District, preserved time capsule-like on Miami Beach, that makes it so unique.

The aesthetic allure of this area, which has the highest concentration of art deco architecture in the world, where bright, boxy low-rise buildings are bathed in sunshine and fringed with palm trees, is no accident. Miami Beach (officially established in 1915) was built as a holiday destination from the ashes of the Great Depression, and nowhere is this narrative more apparent than in its hotels.

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Cardozo Hotel Miami Art District
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