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Besides being a place for outdoor fun, Miami is also known for something else: its overwhelming car culture, which used to be evident every day with traffic jams on I-95 and beyond. Locals love their wheels, and luckily, Miami is still a beautiful city, with many beautiful areas that can still be seen from behind the tinted glass of a car window. There’s more time and more reasons than ever to go for a scenic drive, and if you’re in Miami, you’ve got some of the best options in the country available at your fingertips.

Rickenbacker Causeway: surrounded on both sides by crystal blue waters, white sands, and waving palm trees, the five-mile stretch connecting Miami and the nearby islands of Key Biscayne and Virginia Key has become synonymous with everything that locals love about living in Miami. The William H. Powell Bridge — jokingly (yet truthfully) referred to as “the biggest hill in Miami” — provides spectacular views of Miami’s downtown skyline and the waves of Biscayne Bay as drivers climb nearly 100 feet above sea level to its peak. It’s easy to get distracted by the sights on every side, so you’re probably better off having a friend or Uber driver behind the wheel while you snap pictures.

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The Best Scenic Drives in the Miami Area
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