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Exceptional food in a sophisticated atmosphere: this is the promise of Grill on the Alley, another of Aventura’s main restaurants, Miami. Grill on the Alley is located in Aventura Mall, where you can also find several other good and famous restaurants. Take the opportunity to stroll through the mall!

In the menu on the Grill on the Alley you will find delicious grilled meats and seafood.

The Grill on the Alley - Aventura Mall Miami

Even though the environment is of extreme sophistication and refinement, on the Grill on the Alley you can also find differentiated hamburgers with rare quality, it can be stuffed, in addition to the classic Angus Beef, with crab meat, for example. One of the main differentials of this restaurant in relation to the others is the possibility of personalizing your drinks and your dish, mixing, removing or adding items that are separate, and, in the style of the house, they basically do everything you need to have a date for two the way you always dreamed of, in what they call “private dining”, or “private dining”, where personalization is the special touch.

Private Dining - The Grill on the Alley

Continuing with social networks as an example of the reputation of the mentioned restaurants, it is worth saying that Grill on the Alley currently holds a 4.3 rating according to its assessment on Google in the opinion of almost 700 people, which is , in fact, a good grade.

In addition, it also offers an exclusive area for VIPs, where the reservation of tables is made much easier and also the option of ordering via food delivery applications, in this case, the DoorDash.

Seafood at Grill on the Alley

Another point to be said about Grill on the Alley is that it has three other headquarters, in addition to this restaurant located in Aventura Miami, which are its units in San Jose, Chicago and Dallas, which make it an option always tasty and refined recognized in the United States.

Hours – The Grill on the Alley Aventura

Sund – Thurs: 11:30am-10pm
Fri – Sat: 11:30am-11pm


Daily: 3pm-7pm


Sat & Sun: 11:30am -3pm


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