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For a few fortunate exotic-car owners, quality of life is about to reach even greater heights with the September opening of the Porsche Design Tower Miami in Sunny Isles Beach, Fla. The 60-story residential community is geared toward those who view their vehicles as art and want them prominently displayed as such at home. Marking Porsche Design’s debut in real estate, the 641-foot luxury high-rise is a collaborative effort with Michael and Gil Dezer of Florida-based Dezer Development. The famed father-and-son team are also avid collectors, owning over 1,500 cars, as well as the Miami Auto Museum. Reflecting their focus, each of the 132 luxury condominiums comes with a private glass-encased sky garage integrated into its design, in order to ensure that the owner’s prized possession receives museum-quality prominence.

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Facilitating the premier parking feature is a patented, one-of-a-kind lift system named the Dezervator. From the ground floor, residents will be able to drive onto a turntable that will rotate to access one of three glass car elevators. Next, a robotic arm extends to load the vehicle into the lift (with driver inside), which will then deposit it into the individual’s respective garage.

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