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Despite Covid-19 cases rising in South Florida, the Miami restaurant scene is booming. This is not the case at all in New York City. With stricter Covid-19 regulations, many NYC restauranteurs are struggling. Consequently, a lot of them are flocking to Miami for more relaxed rules. Miami restaurants have been open for the last couple of months at up to 100% occupancy following basic social distancing regulations.

Famous NYC chefs are taking advantage of Miami’s booming restaurant scene, and opening up restaurants there. Big industry names such as Marcus Samuelsson, Major Food Group, The Altamarea Group, amongst others are following this trend.

According to Joe Zubi, spokesman for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, Miami has more open bars and restaurants than anywhere else in the US. Although this is great for the Miami restaurant scene, the cases of Covid-19 in South Florida continue to rise.

Many of the new restaurants were meant to open pre-pandemic. However, many did came because of the relaxed regulations. In addition, because of Miami’s weather, restaurant owners know that there is always an option for outdoor dining. According to Felix Bendersky of F+B Hospitality Leasing, New Yorkers are not the only who are taking advantage of the situation. Allegedly, many restauranteurs from Canada, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco are also looking to participate in this trend.

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