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Miami may not have a celebrated regional style of pizza that rivals New York thin-crust or Chicago deep-dish, but the Magic City holds its own when it comes to producing versions of palate-pleasing pies.

What’s Italian in origin has become a quintessential U.S. staple — Americans’ number one go-to meal that hits the spot unlike any other and makes us salivate simply thinking about it. When made correctly — with a crisp golden crust, an even layer of homemade sauce, melted cheese dripping off the sides, and the freshest toppings — pizza is arguably the greatest gift to mankind.

Best Pizza in Miami

Just as this democratic food has changed our diet over the years, so too has the local pizza landscape. Newcomers have amassed a following through their innovative creations, while more classic joints try to maintain their reign with no-fail recipes. No matter what you fancy, you’ll find a pie that fits you.

So here’s to the naysayers who believe Miami can’t make topnotch pizza. One slice from these top ten spots will prove the Magic City takes pizza seriously. Check it ou here

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