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The Covid-19 pandemic generated a lot of trends in pretty much every industry. Consequently, there were trends that emerged in real estate. Collectively, people spent a lot more time at home, and therefore realized their needs for certain home features. Because people spent a lot more time cooking, eating, and cleaning, some kitchen features became must-haves. Furthermore, some bathroom features also became very popular. In fact, there was an increase of demand in some luxury home features, becoming a factor affecting home sales.

In a recent report, Zillow analyzed the price associated with certain luxury home features. For this, the company looked at closed home sales in the US in 2019 and 2020. From this, they determined that six out of the ten top features mentioned in listings that sold for more than expected were kitchen and bathroom related.

For example, listings that mentioned steam ovens sold for 4.9% more than expected. Similarly, listings that mentioned new appliances sold for 3.2% more than expected. Other features that caused the sales price to increase include Curbless shower (3.6%), pizza oven (3.4%), heated floor (3.2%), and more.

Although adding luxury home features like these had correlation with higher sales price, these features do not guarantee or cause a sale price to increase.

For the full list of features found in the story, check out the original article here

luxury home features that increased sales price

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