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Right now, Florida is extremely popular. During the pandemic, many people decided to move to Florida because working remotely allowed them to. Although people from out of state flocked to many different parts of the Sunshine State, there was a huge influx of people moving to South Florida. Even now, Miami and the surrounding areas are still extremely popular amongst newcomers.

As the pandemic winds down, many people are reconsidering their living arrangements, and are thinking of finding a new place to call home. Moving to South Florida is a great option. Not only is the weather fantastic, but the culture, and overall lifestyle are as well. However, just as with any other big move, there are many factors to consider.

Right now, the real estate market in Florida is booming. In addition, many companies and important business people have also made the move to South Florida. Therefore, being prepared before you make a permanent move is important. South Florida has always been an attractive area for second homes and investment properties. However, the Covid19 pandemic caused many people to look for primary residences in the area.

In general, real estate in South Florida is very attractive, and has many perks. For example, there are more accessible luxury rental and condo prices. In addition, it is full of vibrant neighborhoods. Doing your research will allow you to find the best fit for you.

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Things to consider if you're moving to South Florida

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