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Ever since Hurricane Andrew devastated Florida in 1992, the construction industry has been much more prepared. Nowadays, home construction is a much more careful practice. In the past, hurricanes in Florida have destroyed communities. However, often times it takes a disaster to provide opportunities for improvement. Currently, Florida has strict building codes.

Initially, the Florida Building Code went into effect in 2002. In addition, it is updated every three years and analyzed constantly in order for it to remain relevant. One of the key safety features enforced by the code is hurricane protection on all windows and doors. This is necessary for each building, as it provides the best protection against hurricane-force winds.

In Miami-Dade and Broward, the Florida Building Code requires additional regulations. For example, properties in those counties must remain in compliance by receiving a Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA). The NOA approves impact-resistant products that follow the highest standards f safety in the industry. Overall, impact products have become the perfect solution for contractors and builders in order to prepare for the effects of hurricanes in Florida.

Newer buildings in Florida such as the Porsche Design Tower have also established incredible technology that helps against the effects of hurricane season. At Porsche, residences start at the seventh floor, which means that they are safe from flooding. In addition, the windows are shatterproof and can withstand 180 mph winds. Overall, the construction industry in South Florida is very conscious about keeping up with safety codes when it comes to hurricane proofing.

effects of hurricanes in florida on construction

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