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Recently, there has been a huge influx of people who are moving to Florida. Although its fantastic weather is a big factor, it is not the only reason why the Sunshine State is so popular. Right now, there are many tech companies that are opening offices in the state. In addition, the rise of remote working also encouraged many people to move. In fact, Florida’s population grew by 2.7 million (14.6%) between 2010 and 2020. This is double the rate of the overall population growth in the country.

Businesses are moving to Florida

Recently, Florida has become a huge hotspot for businesses within the banking and financial industries. In addition, South Florida has become one of the hottest new tech hubs in North America. Many important businesses from New York are are considering moving to Florida as well, to take advantage of lower taxes. For example, Elliott Management is moving its headquarters to West Palm Beach, and Blackstone will open an office in Miami. These are just a few examples. There has been tremendous interest from companies to relocate to Florida.

There are many new job opportunities

Because so many businesses are opening up offices in the state, the job market is consequently booming. Although many workers from different states are relocating with those companies, local residents are also benefiting from this job creation. In fact, in many cities in Florida, average salaries are climbing. As the conditions of the pandemic begin to settle, more and more people are returning to work. Not only that, but more and more companies are in need of more employees. In addition, the state is encouraging the new companies to create jobs for local workers in addition to relocating their existing workforce.

Remote work has allowed many people to relocate

Although there are many jobs available in the state, many people were able to move to the Sunshine State because they were working remotely. During the pandemic, many people decided to relocate to Florida because of the lifestyle it provides. Because many people were working remotely, it allowed them to relocate without having to jeopardize their job stability.

Florida’s lifestyle is fantastic

Besides economic factors, many people have been moving to Florida simply because of the lifestyle they can have in the Sunshine State. For months, Florida has had relaxed Covid-19 restrictions. Therefore, many people have moved because it has given them more freedom during the pandemic. In addition, Florida has amazing weather year-round, which is very attractive for people coming from colder states.

Florida has great real estate opportunities

Florida is full of incredible real estate options. Not only that, but living costs can even be lower than in states like New York. Although house prices have gone up during the pandemic, Florida still has a very attractive real estate market compared to other major markets in the United States. In addition, Florida is full of incredible new real estate projects that bring luxury to the next level.

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