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Cuban-American brothers Angel and James Aguayo were inspired to create Sushi Sake in 2009 to merge their two favorite restaurant concepts – Samurai, a teppanyaki house, and Akashi for sushi – into the kind of affordable sushi experience that guests can enjoy weekly.

If you aren’t familiar with Sushi Sake, that’s going to change soon. The Aguayo brothers are hoping to have more than 100 locations within the next five years. The brand is now registered to franchise in 34 states, with immediate plans to expand to Houston and Orlando. Frankly, sushi purists won’t be impressed with the best-selling Miami Heat roll, filled with shrimp tempura, cream cheese and imitation crab meat. But while they enjoy omakase counters during their travels, and admire brands like TAO, Nobu and Zuma Miami Restaurant, the Aguayos are aiming to be The Cheesecake Factory of sushi, with generous portions and more than a hundred menu options to suit a wide variety of tastes.

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