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This is for puppies lovers! Zoo Miami, one of the largest zoos in the world, has announced the debut of a litter of highly endangered African Painted Dog puppies.

The litter of one male and two females was born on Dec. 31 and has been in seclusion in a den with their mother since then. This is the second litter for the 3-year-old mother named “Little Foot.”

Three African Painted Dog puppies born at Zoo Miami - Littler

Little Foot arrived at Zoo Miami in 2017 from the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans where she was born in September 2016. The father, whose name is “Evander,” was born at the Perth Zoo in Australia in May 2011 and arrived at Zoo Miami in November 2015 via Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Until now, mother and puppies have been observed through a closed circuit television camera. After it was felt that the mom was doing an excellent job of caring for her puppies, the decision was made to do the neonatal exams on each of them. This was the first time that anyone had been able to handle the puppies to perform a variety of procedures including collecting blood, general physical exams, deworming treatment, and the placement of a microchip for identification. Following the exams, the puppies were given access to the exhibit for the first time and have sporadically ventured on and off. As the litter becomes more familiar with the exhibit, they will likely spend more and more time on it.

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