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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. Although the lockdowns have forced many Americans to stay in one place, many have opted to relocate. A lot of people are looking for better lifestyles in more affordable cities. Therefore, many people have chosen cities in Florida over almost any other destination. According to a report by real estate firm FCP and geospatial analytics group Orbital Insight, three florida cities are among the top 5 U.S covid moving destinations.

The number one destination for Americans who have moved during Covid is Tampa. Number two is Phoenix, and number three is New York. South Florida, which is the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach area, came at number four. Lastly, Orlando is number five.

The report used data from cellphones. FCP and Orbital Insight analyzed 3.8 million cellphone numbers from major metropolitan areas. The research compared the phones’ 2019 locations with their locations from March through June, as well as March through September. This was to understand migration patterns during the lockdown, and throughout the pandemic. FCP studied which destinations were most frequent among the metropolitan areas studied. The data did not capture whether more residents are moving into a metro area than moving out.

Florida’s popularity in this report is likely due to the state being a warm, outdoor-oriented destination and great real estate opportunities.

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