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On average, most Americans move about a dozen times in their lifetimes. Moving can be a very exciting process, but it could also come with some stress. That is why working with an experienced real estate professional is crucial for making this move as smooth as possible. If you are currently looking to buy or sell your home, you should start thinking about the moving process. Here are 3 tips for moving that can help you have a great and efficient experience:

1. Start Prepping Before You List Your Home

Right now, the real estate market is very hot. Therefore, if you are thinking of listing your home, chances are it might sell pretty fast. That is why prepping for the move before you list your home is a good idea. Start decluttering and packing. This will help you get a general idea of what you’ll be dealing with when you move, helping you decide on a truck size, etc, before you call a moving company. This way, you’ll be ready to move when the home sells!

2. Take Some Breaks

The moving process can be very overwhelming. This is why one of the biggest and most important tips for moving is to take breaks as needed. If you are moving out of a big home, consider renting a truck for a couple of days. If you plan on tackling the move in one day, make sure you give yourself time to breathe in order to have a smoother experience!

3. Hire Professionals

Hiring a professional moving company can help make this process a lot faster and more efficient. If you decide to buy or sell with AMG, we can connect you with some of the best professionals that can help you through every step of the selling and buying process.

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