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Ready for the spooky season? With Halloween approaching, here are some tips that can help you make your home freak out (and also delight) your trick-or-treaters and neighbors.

  • Commit to a theme: Pick one theme to guide you. If you like pirates, go for it; Is it Vikings instead? Go for it. The sky is the limit here and you can pretty much chose any theme an make it spooky and also fun. You can also incorporate your hobbies, and use objects that you already have in your home and incorporate them with your Halloween decoration.
  • Don’t scare the neighbors too much:  Delight rather than traumatize. Focus on the atmosphere over “blood and guts” after wall, you still want people to feel a good energy on the house.
  • Plan way ahead: Get deals on supplies if you buy them right after the scary holiday. Nature can also be a great and free source.

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Tips to decorate your house for Halloween

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