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I’ll start this article with a revelation: All sales made at my real estate company followed a unique formula. In fact, it is much more than a formula! It’s a detailed method that I’ve honed over more than 20 years of working in the Florida real estate market. In this article I will reveal some of the factors that are part of this method and that you can use to sell your property more expensive and faster.

I can prove my claim! 73% of properties that follow a single factor used in my method sell faster. This same factor makes 63% of people motivated to pay more for the property. You will know this factor here in the article, later, when I present TIP 2.

As with my real estate, the most experienced and successful brokers in Florida also adopt detailed and tested sales methods, with results far above most other agents, who act without any formula, only based on superficial market data.

If you own a property in Florida and are thinking about selling it, you need to be very careful and make sure that your realtor is aware of these factors, in addition to the experience necessary to apply them.

If not, I’m sorry to break this news, but your property will probably not only sell below market value but also well below its potential value. To be quite frank, in these 20 years working in Florida I have followed sales in the regions where I work daily and I see this happening every day.

The method, in fact, is fundamental to sell more expensive (potential price) and faster.

Obviously I won’t be able to explain all my method in detail in this article, but I can reveal 3 fundamental tips that are part of the process. Keep reading and stay on top of 3 key tips to get your property ready for sale in Florida:

Tips to sell your Florida property faster and for a better price

Tips for selling your property in Florida

1 – How much is your property in Florida worth? The secrets of pricing and how to discover the potential value of the property
Knowing how to correctly price the property is one of the most important factors in the sales process. After all, too high a value will limit the number of potential buyers. On the other hand, too low a value can result in a loss of money for the owner.

It is also important to differentiate between “Market Price” and “Potential Price”. The first is how much your property is worth today, as it is. The second is the price it can get, if some adjustments can be made.

There are several online tools that instantly price a property in Florida. At AMG Realty we offer one at this link.

However, online tools are just the starting point in a pricing strategy. They are limited and take into account non-market sales (very cheap or very expensive).

An online tool doesn’t predict the potential price either. In the next topic we will comment on the importance of the concept of “Home Staging” in the sale of a property.

In addition to market reports, which we subscribe to here at real estate, we work with internal reports and analysis of historical data for each city, region and even data for a specific condominium in Florida.

Of course, the data needs to be interpreted in conjunction with the broker’s experience, which brings valuable insight into the “momentum” of the market. This “feeling” of a professional who works on a day-to-day basis is essential, as long as it is weighted with an analysis based on numbers, within a method.

To learn more about how we work with the pricing of a property in Florida, access the article: How to price your property in Florida for sale

2 – Home Staging: Understand the concept

“Home Staging” is a concept that is already well established in the Florida real estate market and is still little known by Brazilians. Literally translated, it means “Staging the Home”.

Obviously the concept is much broader than just a “staging”. Home Staging involves a whole strategy to get the property ready for the market, from carrying out a redecoration to carrying out small renovations.

In a survey conducted by the association RESA (Real Estate Staging Association), the results showed that properties that went through the Stating process sold, on average, 73% faster. In this same study, 63% of respondents said they are likely to pay more for move-in ready properties.

You don’t necessarily need to spend large sums of money to redecorate or renovate. With 1% of the value of the property in investments, the sale price can increase by up to 10%.

All these adjustments can be guided by a Home Staging professional.

In the article “Home Staging: Everything you need to know” we explain in detail this concept and its benefits.

3 – A picture is worth more than 1000 words

Did you know that more than 90% of people looking for a property do their research first on the internet and then visit the place in person?

This means that the photos of your property must be impeccable in the ad and within a sales strategy!

You might even consider hiring a professional photographer. However, what good is professional photos if the space to be photographed is not prepared?

The services of a professional photographer combined with the services of a Home Staging professional leverage the power of photos and advertisements to communicate with the buyer.

With professional images of environments prepared for sale, the marketing and advertising of the property is enhanced, as well as its price.

Do you want to know in detail our sales method?

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