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In the article Fort Lauderdale – Venice of the Americas we explain in detail about the city of Fort Lauderdale, which is close to Miami and offers beautiful beaches and an excellent quality of life. In this article we will explain 5 areas in the region called Greater Fort Lauderdale. They are neighborhoods that offer low crime, great schools, good jobs and a low cost of living. All of this with the wonderful Florida climate. Continue reading to learn more:

1 – Weston

Imagine living in a community planned by the same group that designed some Disney complexes? So is the Weston community, considered one of the best places to live in the entire United States. It is the safest city in Florida (very low crime rates). Weston also offers great schools, a variety of parks, hospitals, among other features that make the destination one of the most sought after recently by families and investors.

Weston Florida

2 – Coconut Creek

Coconut Creek belongs to Broward County and lies between Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton. The city is famous for hosting Butterfly World, the first and largest butterfly garden in the United States. The exhibition, in addition to showing butterflies, also brings birds and a beautiful botanical garden.

The city has just over 50 thousand inhabitants and is ideal for families.

Coconut Creek - Buterfly World

3 – Plantation

Plantation is just over 20 minutes away from Fort Lauderdale and offers a green environment. The neighborhood has a very residential and peaceful atmosphere. Contact us to know more about the condominiums in Plantation.

Plantation Greater Fort Lauderdale

4 – Cooper City

Cooper City is a small town with just over 30,000 inhabitants, 20 minutes from Fort Lauderdale and 40 minutes from Miami. Great options of houses close to canals and lakes.

Cooper City Florida

5 – Parkland

Parkand is a city with less than 30,000 inhabitants located on the northern tip of Broward County and known for its low crime, excellent schools and high socio-economic status. Offers great schools with grades A and B.

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